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CORRECTION: Century Casinos Reports Financial Results for Second Quarter 2010 (Press Release)

Posted by admin on August 22, 2010

CORRECTION: Century Casinos Reports Financial Results for Second Quarter 2010 (Press Release)
Aug. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — em>Century Casinos
Inc. (NASDAQ Capital Market® and Vienna Stock Exchange: CNTY) announced today certain corrections to a press release it issued on August 9
2010. Among the corrections are the following: em> pre> 1. On page one
Earnings from discontinued operations for the three months ended June 30
2009 has been changed from $1.424 million to $20.777 million. 2. On page one
Earnings from discontinuRelated Articles:–Century Casinos Appoints New General Manager for Century casino Calgary–Century Casinos Extends Agreement with Oceania Cruises–Century Casinos Exclusive Operator for Regent Seven Seas Cruises

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Recognition of Tribe May Bring Shinnecock Casino to Hamptons

Posted by admin on August 12, 2010

Recognition of Tribe May Bring Shinnecock Casino to Hamptons
Federal recognition of a Native American tribe located in the Hamptons, on Long Island, may lead to gambling and a casino funding further tribal legal efforts to protect their ancestral lands.

Best Casino Group 2008
The Jackpot Factory group of casinos has been awarded the “Best Casino Group” prize from CasinoMeister. The company responsible for All Jackpots Casino, All Slots Casino, First Web Casino, Wild Jack, and other properties won the prize for the second year in a row.

Canadian Province Ends Gambling Subsidies for Arts and Culture
Representatives of the British Columbia government told organizers of artistic and cultural events they would no longer be eligible for grants funded by the casino and gambling revenue the province collects.

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General Information About Gambling

Posted by admin on August 9, 2010

General Information About Gambling

If you like to gamble, you will be happy to know that you can participate in online gambling today.  You just have to find a site that offers gambling and then figure out if you have to download software or open an account.  There are many gambling sites online and they all operate in a different way.

With most online gambling sites, you have to open an account and then download the software that is needed for the site.  When you are gambling online, you will want to look for the sites that have software that is compatible for your computer system.  Some of the online gambling sites will allow you to play on a flash player and not all of them make you open an account.  With some of them, you can play as you go, frequenting the online casino whenever you choose and using a credit or debit card to make wagers as well as receive your winnings.  You should check out the security agreement as well as read reviews of the online gambling site before you play so that you can be sure that it is a safe and legitimate site.

Most of the online gambling sites want you to open an account and will give you money in order to do so.  This comes by way of some type of bonus, in some cases even a no deposit bonus that allows gambling for free for a certain period of time and within a certain amount of money.  Some of them will match the money that you put into your account up to a certain amount as well.  Many people will choose the gambling site that they wish to play at based upon these type of bonus incentives.

You also want to take a look at the type of gambling that the online gambling site is offering as well.  You are going to want to be sure that the gambling that you want is offered on the site.  Some of the online gambling sites offer sports betting as well as other casino games and even poker.  Some just offer casino games like slots and there are others that are strictly for poker.  Choose the gambling site that will offer you the type of online gambling that you wish to do.

You can find out more about online gambling and which are the best sites as well as those that offer the best bonuses and incentives for players by checking them out through a third party site.  Here you can get reviews as well as news and other information that can make your gambling time a lot more fun.  You should always look upon online gambling as a source of entertainment and put money aside for this type of entertainment.  Looking at gambling as a way to make money can be costly and you should never gamble more away than you can afford to lose.  Most reputable online gambling sites will warn you about this type of activity and advise you that this is a form of entertainment, not a money making offer.

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How Online Casinos are Beating the Recession

Posted by admin on August 2, 2010

How Online Casinos are Beating the Recession
It is often said that the gambling industry is recession proof, and that’s because people seek to participate in escapist forms of entertainment when the going gets tough in the real world just as much as they do when everything is going well. However, no industry is completely recession proof for the simple reason that a recession, by its very nature, means that there is less money flowing around. That being the case, the online casino industry has to try just as hard as any other to keep the cash coming in, and when it comes to the question of how online casinos are beating the recession, the number one answer is by giving money away…

Christmas Casino Jackpots
Christmas is finally upon us, but the great thing about online casinos is that they don’t close their doors for even one hour during the festive period. Instead, they continue to offer gaming fun 24 hours a day, even on Christmas Day itself. This will be very handy for those who find themselves at a loose end when the rest of the family is watching the latest television special, or indeed for those who just fancy a break from the visiting relatives! If you belong to either of those groups then here’s a quick rundown of some of the best online casino jackpots that you can currently play for…

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