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Posted by admin on July 4, 2014

Tom Dwan is arguably the greatest online poker player of all time. Starting out at the ripe old age of 18, he has gone on to boss online poker rooms with his highly aggressive style of bluffing, which has paid dividends on sites such as Unibet.

In online poker rooms, the bluff is a player’s best friend. With your opponents not being able to see your tells it does give rise to riskier play, where, more often than not, it works. But online and live tables are completely different but with Dwan that doesn’t seem to be the case.

He has successfully transformed his high octane, overtly aggressive style. If anything, he has become more brazen. His play back in 2011 rocked the poker world and showcased how the online mega bluff can work on the felt.

His opponents Barry Greenstein and Peter Eastgate had two aces and 4hearts/2diamonds respectively. Dwan was in possession of Queen, 10, both of which were clubs.

The flop brought out 2club, 10 diamond, 2 spade – giving Eastgate a three of a kind.

Dawn, who of the three has no right to bet – as you can hear the commentator proclaim – but proceeds to anyway, raised by $37,300.

Eastgate and Greenstein called and a 7diamond was brought out into play. At this point Eastgate had a 90% chance of victory and Greenstein and Dwan just 5% each.

After his two opponents check, Dwan fiddles with his chips for what seems like an eternity before sticking $104,200 down on the table, dumbfounding the TV commentators in the process.

The move caused Eastgate, the man who was on course to win the hand, to fold. Now Greenstein has a 95% chance of taking the $237,700 pot for himself.

After mulling it over, Greenstein folds, handing Dwan the unlikeliest win in poker history – made all the better by the somewhat sheepish look on Dwan’s face when he realised he’s won.

It was a hand that should never have been won by Dwan and one that warrants the upmost respect. Dwan, who actually has four of the greatest televised bluffs in history, proves that if you can do it online you can do it in the real world.

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