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Who is This Person

Who is This Person
If you ain’t just a little scared when you enter a casino, you are either very rich or you haven’t studied the games enough. VP Pappy Who is This Person It is not unusual for the spouse of a compulsive gambler to wake up one day with his or her whole world turned upside down. When the spouse or family becomes aware of the gambler’s addiction, he may be so far in debt that the spouse cannot even comprehend the extent of the debt. It may take months for the spouse to unravel the web of debt. Often even the gambler does not know how much money he has lost or to whom he owes money. How a spouse does not realize the extent of the problem is a curiosity, however for most spouses, they are truly blind sided by the extent of the damage that the gambler has done. Many spouses know th…

Everett Sizemore: States Struggle to Deal With New Gambling Loophole
A new form of gambling that combines online betting with brick-n-mortar casinos has been sweeping the nation, and states are struggling to keep up with the legal implications of this hybrid. Known as “internet sweepstakes cafes,” these establishments have

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