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The UK Lotto

The UK Lotto (formerly known as the UK National Lottery) is one of the stalwarts of the lottery world; and indeed, the international lottery circuit as well. Although the game is predominantly played in the United Kingdom and Isle of Man, the reality is that the UK Lotto is one of the most popular lotteries on the face of this planet, thanks to the accessibility afforded by online ticket purchasing services to international punters and lotto enthusiasts alike.

With the UK Lotto’s first jackpot being £5,874,778 – which was won during the first draw in 1994 – the jackpots, the game, and the popularity thereof simply kept getting betting and better. One of the key attributing factors to this game’s broad appeal is its remarkably good odds; the UK Lotto is one of the very few international lotteries which consistently hands out jackpot wins; averaging at least 3 jackpot wins a month. This high win rate means that the lottery jackpot very seldom exceeds £10 million, but this fact does very little to deter fervent players from still playing their lucky numbers every week with the hopes of being one of the myriads of UK Lotto jackpot winners.

Access to this lottery has never been easier, thanks to online ticket purchasing services such as From the time the website loads up in your browser to the time you play your lucky numbers, your experience with this website is guaranteed to be both a pleasurable and informative one. While the interface is clean, calm and relaxing, the website itself is easy to navigate, offering up detailed lottery information for those looking to brush up on their international lottery knowledge. Although the website is primarily based for playing the UK Lotto online, they have a selection of twelve other premier international lotteries to choose from – so now you can literally play for immense jackpots, with reassurance of a full payout should you be a winner; this is thanks to PlayUK’s 100% payout record and success based on repeat client business.

If you have never played an international lottery before, this would be your perfect gateway to getting swept up in the excitement offered by these amazing international lotteries.

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